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Free Coast to Coast Reiki Chats:

Join me for quick mid-day meditations with my friend Patti Andrasak from Inner Peace Yoga & Reiki.  We meet every week for 10-15 minutes to quickly ground ourselves and take a moment away from our hectic lives.

My Reiki Sessions:

My view of animal reiki is a little different from most reiki practitioners.  I’ve learned the Let Animals Lead® method by Kathleen Prasad, in which we share space with an animal and let them lead the session.  I’m a teacher of this method, and I’m also a practitioner in the Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

Together we focus on meditation and going within for healing, rather than immediately placing our hands on the animals.  I truly believe that a power higher than us connects our souls to each other, the animals, and the earth around us.  I see a reiki session as an opportunity to quiet our minds, calm our hearts, and sit together for the higher good of the people, and the animals, present.


If you’d like to schedule a quick call to discuss whether a reiki session makes sense for you and/or your animal, I’m happy to do so.  Or, I can answer quick questions via text.  Text me at 213.267.2043 to set up a call.  Or email

Animal Reiki Classes:

As a member of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA), I teach the Let Animals Lead® method of animal reiki and meditation in the Los Angeles area.  A portion of all classes is donated to a local shelter, sanctuary, or rescue organization.  Please call or message me at 213.267.2043 if you are interested in a class.

If you need to take the course online, I highly recommend my animal reiki teacher, Kathleen Prasad.  If you’d click through here (my affiliate link) to browse her class options, I would be incredibly grateful.  Any and all money I make on click thrus goes into helping us reach more people with our For Animals. For Earth. community.  I cannot say thank you enough for your support.

Books about Animal Reiki:

If you’re interested in books, the 21 Day Meditation Challenge is a really cool way to kick start a personal meditation / animal reiki practice.

Reiki & Meditation Blog:

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