We share simple ideas for helping animals,
and the earth, in our daily lives.

Brandy Heyde Montague - founder of For Animals For Earth
Welcome to For Animals For Earth - we can make a difference
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Free 5 step conscious lifestyle challenge. Join us for 5 days of simple ideas and make a difference for animals and the earth. | For Animals. For Earth.

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The For Animals For Earth Podcast provides simple ideas to make a difference for animals and the earth, in our everyday lives.
Join us live as we highlight creators and activists we admire. Each chat contains a simple idea that we can all do to make a difference in our daily lives. Instagram @ForAnimalsForEarth
In the Coast to Coast Reiki Chats, we explore topics related to reiki and meditation practice. Hosted by Brandy Heyde Montague from For Animals For Earth in California, and Patti Andrasak from Inner Peace Reiki in New York.

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