3 Big Changes Coming to Season 3

3 big changes coming to season 3 of the For Animals For Earth podcast

Season 3 of the For Animals. For Earth. Podcast launched on Thursday, January 21, 2021.  Here are 3 big changes happening this season:

  1. Slightly different show format
  2. Launch 5 Day Conscious Lifestyle Challenge
  3. Charity of the Month

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1. Slightly different show format:

I’m always on the hunt for a better way to bring you shortened content that you can take in quickly in your busy life.  We’re going to try something new this season.  I will alternate our in-depth guest interviews with quick roundups of “5 Things you can do to…”

These roundups will include topics like: 5 Ways to Help Your Local Shelter, or 5 Conscious Kids Clothing Brands, or 5 Things You Can Do For Earth Day in Less Than 10 Minutes

So every other episode will be an interview, then a roundup, then an interview, and so on…  Let me know how this works for you.

2. Launch 5 Day Conscious Lifestyle Challenge:

I’m really excited about this new challenge that we’re launching.  It’s for those of you who are looking for simple ways that you can help animals and the environment, that fit within your unique life.

If you sign up, you’ll receive one email per day from me with one simple idea that you can try that day.  My hope is that at the end of the week you will have discovered one new thing that you can try to keep in your life.

Sign up for free here:

3. Charity of the Month:

Our goal is to highlight one new charity per month this year for all of us to come together and support as a community.  I’m hoping to interview someone from the charity on the podcast that month.  You can support the charity of the month in the following ways:

  1. Jump over to their social media and follow them and like or share a post.
  2. Donate to support their work.
  3. Join our free giveaway on Instagram to win a kid’s tee by following them and us.
  4. Purchase something from our Etsy shop which will include a $5 donation to that charity.


This episode was transcribed with ai technology from otter.ai.  Please excuse any typos or incorrect language.

Brandy Montague 0:08
Hello hello welcome to season number three this is episode number 26 of the for animals for Earth podcast. Happy New Year. I hope that you are finding this new season of life to be peaceful and hopefully you’re feeling optimistic about the future. Today is just a quick episode to kick off the season and I want to tell you about three big changes that are happening with for animals for Earth this year.

Brandy Montague 0:41
Hi there this is Brandy and you’re listening to the for animals for Earth podcast. This is a space where we inspire each other to take small steps every day to live a more conscious life, helping the animals in the planet, while we do it. I’m so glad that you’re here. Let’s all take a deep breath and let’s get started.

Brandy Montague 1:07
Okay, so the three big things that I want to tell you about today are that we are going to be changing format a bit here on the podcast, we are launching a five day conscious lifestyle challenge. And we are setting a goal to highlight one new charity, per month. So those are the three things I’m going to walk you through quickly right now. So number one is we’re changing up format a bit. So, as you know I continue to look for ways that I can bring you shorter content. And that’s not always the easiest thing for me because I am just a long winded person, and in our interviews, I have a million questions I’m not even kidding you guys when I finish an interview I probably still have 10 other questions that I wish I could ask and the interviews are all like 45 minutes long.

Brandy Montague 2:00
So what I’m going to try with this new season is I’m going to try alternating interviews and short roundups. So rather than having a new full interview per week, we’ll have an interview one week and then the following week, I will do a short roundup and that short roundup will look something like five things we can do to help so for instance five things we can do to help our local shelter or five conscious kids fashion brands or five anything you can imagine the possibilities are endless. I’m hoping alternating those with the interviews. Those of you that have been asking me for shorter content will find that you’re able to digest those pretty quickly, and then you’re able to get in the interviews once every two weeks, so that’s the new format for season three and we’re gonna see how that goes.

Brandy Montague 2:56
The second big change that is happening or this is just more of an exciting thing that we’re launching, we are launching a five day conscious lifestyle challenge, and this is for those of you who are looking for a simple way to make a difference, that works realistically within your personal life, so if you sign up for this you’ll receive an email every day for five days with a simple idea. one simple idea that you can try in your life, to make a difference. Honestly, these things are simple but they are things that if they resonate with you, it will start to change your lifestyle and you’ll be amazed at how much more you end up doing and how much more often you end up just thinking about how the things in your life, help animals and help the environment so I hope you’ll join us you can sign up for free at for animals for earth.com slash lifestyle challenge. Okay.

Brandy Montague 3:56
And our third change for this year that I’m really excited to tell you about is that we have set a goal to highlight one new charity, per month, through for animals for Earth, and my thought is that 12 different times this year we will get to know a new charity, a little more in depth than just knowing their name, we’ll learn more about what they do. And then we can all come together to support them, we can go and follow them on social media. We can like their posts, we can share their posts, we could even donate if we want to. And my hope is that we as a community can come together to support them and get excited about them together.

Brandy Montague 4:43
We are also going to donate $5 for every item that is sold within our Etsy shop to that charity that month, so that’s something kind of new, a lot of you may not even know this but we have a eco conscious animal welfare clothing line that existed long before for animals for earth it used to be called trendy little sweethearts. And I started it back in 2016. It was originally a kid’s t shirt line and we’ve had a lot of adult clothes in there but I’m slowly moving back to kids and I don’t know we may keep adults too if you want it, we’ll just kind of see, but since switching over to the podcast and focusing for animal for animals for Earth on being a resource hub I’ve really kind of put the Etsy shop on the back burner. But what’s exciting is that we’re bringing it back in this year, and putting a little more focus on it. And with every charity that we support each month that donations for everything purchased will go to that charity as well so that’s $5 for everything purchased.

Brandy Montague 5:53
And I’m also going to be trying to interview the founder of the charity or someone from the charity that’s my goal. So hopefully, one of the podcast interviews that month will be someone from the charity.

Brandy Montague 6:07
And lastly, we’re also going to try out doing Instagram promos each month so for those of you who are willing to jump over and like the charity and like us you can enter for a chance to win one of our kids tees for free. So that’s some of the fun stuff we have planned around our charity of the month.

Brandy Montague 6:28
And we are kicking off right now with our first charity which is blockhead Brigade, I am so excited to tell you about this group. They are located in Long Beach, California, and they advocate for block headed dogs, which most of us would probably call pitbulls, but something that I actually learned from this charity is that we often miss classify what a pitbull is, and so blockhead brigade has decided they’re just out there to help every block headed dog that needs help.

Brandy Montague 7:01
So they advocate for block headed dogs in the shelter. They host free pack walks and dog management workshops and those are there to help create more confident dog handlers and help also create just a more relaxed bond between humans and the dogs. They also fight against housing discrimination and Hoa policies that are not fair toward block headed dogs, and they fundraise to help shelter dogs to get the care that they need and find their way into a safe home. This is super cool group and I hope you’ll go check them out. They’re at blockheadbrigade.org, or on Instagram at Blockhead Brigade, and if you want to pop over there now you can enter our giveaway for the free kids T.

Brandy Montague 7:51
And last but not least, Next week, I’m so excited there founder Laura Veda, she is going to come on the podcast, so she is going to join me live for an interview. Next Tuesday January 26 at 11am, I would absolutely love if you want to join us and ask your own questions, you can do that at foranimalsforearth.com/live. Okay guys, that’s all I have for you today. I hope that you’re feeling as excited as I am about this new year and this new season, let me know what you think, and I will see you next week with Laura. Bye.

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