In a time of "Fast Fashion" I am proud to say we are a SLOW FASHION business.

Eco-friendly vintage style animal tshirts for kids

Our priority is to create clothes that you will live in.  We search the globe for the softest fabrics and suppliers who are conscious of treating our Earth kindly.  As a part of the Fashion Revolution, it’s important to us to know that we’re selling a product we can all be proud of.  We are slowly changing the way we dress simultaneous to growing this business.  We’re learning together how we can improve the lives of the animals around us, and save the Earth at the same time.

Our clothes are made from:

  • Recycled bottles (my favorite part, they don’t become trash)
  • Organic and reclaimed cotton (cut down on water & pesticide usage)
  • Bamboo (sustainable, grows quickly, biodegradable)

They are hand-printed:

  • by me, in my shop
  • with water-based non-toxic inks
  • because of the art of hand-printing, each one IS UNIQUE

Ethically created, mostly in the USA:

  • the fabric
  • the sewing
  • the ink
  • the printing
  • the tags
  • the packaging
  • almost everything by small USA businesses
  • sewing that is done overseas is ethical and a part of the Fashion Revolution

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