Meet Our Previous Interns.

Jessica Haidet, intern at For Animals For Earth

Jessica Haidet

Hi!  I’m Jessica, and I’m the Social Media Intern.  I’m a rising senior at USC, where I’m on the women’s soccer team. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA but always wanted to move to the West Coast and be near the ocean.

During high school, I started to learn a lot about the environment and animal rights and became very passionate about making lifestyle changes to benefit the earth. I immediately committed to a vegetarian diet and started to learn as much about green living as I could. Now as I approach the end of college, I am excited about pursuing a career that benefits the environment and all beings within it.

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Dairou Wang is our Fall 2020 For Animals For Earth Marketing & Development Intern

Dairou Wang

Hello, I am Dairou Wang, the current MPA student in USC and I contribute to For Animals. For Earth as a marketing and development intern. I am really glad that I can join in For Animals. For Earth to care about animals and the environment. I help with letting more people know about what they can do to contribute to animals, from tiny things in daily life. 

I used to keep lots of animals, staying with them, playing with them, observing them. I love animals and enjoy communicating with earth and nature. I am so excited that I can participate in and combine my skills on public policy, statistics with work in For Animals. For Earth, to show my love and care to animals and the environment. 

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