Animals for Kids – Animal Rescue Book

Teach animals for kids with this animal rescue book

My kids fell in love with this Animals for Kids animal rescue book as quickly as I did.  The author is very talented and creative, and you’ll be amazed at how well a book with no words communicates exactly what you want your kids to learn.

Simple idea: read to kids about animal rescue

I don’t want to give the book away, so I’m showing you just one page here.  In each scene, your child has the power to save the animal, by turning the page.

Teach animals for kids with this animal rescue book

The animal leaves a common “not so good” situation in one scene, and goes to a place where he or she will be happy and free.  For example, in this scene, the child will turn the page, and the alligator skin will go back on the alligator’s body (versus used to make boots).

I can’t tell you how often Bauer (my 3 year old son) reads this book and narrates it as he goes.  “Save the alligator from being boots,” then, “Yay! He’s a happy alligator,” he says.

And I sit over to his side literally bursting with happiness because he’s learning this in such a fun, natural way.

It’s not easy to present animal welfare in a soft enough way to share it with kids.  As you know, most of the information we receive on how animals are treated is through graphic, heart wrenching photos and videos on social media.  I know you struggle with this as well.

I’ve worked for the past 10 years to find ways to share animals for kids in a way that inspires them to make a difference as they grow, but doesn’t give them nightmares at night.  This book truly embodies everything I look for when I share animal welfare with my kids.

Share a photo or video if you get the book.  I’d love to see how it resonates with your kids.

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