Climate Anxiety: How to Cope with Ame Vanorio

Experiencing climate anxiety? Join me for this chat with Ame Vanorio, creator of the new Climate Anxiety Journal & Workbook.

Climate Anxiety is talked about so little that I couldn’t even find a definition in online dictionaries!  Yet, millions of us are suffering from it as we speak.  Eco Anxiety, another term for Climate Anxiety, is defined on as:

“Anxiety caused by a dread of environmental perils, especially climate change, and a feeling of helplessness over the potential consequences for those living now and even more so for those of later generations.

You may recognize Ame Vanorio from episodes 16 & 17.  She came on the show to teach us what to do when we see a wild animal who has been hurt or injured. Ame has studied psychology, biology, education, environmental management, and organic farming.  She has lived off the grid and now in an apartment in a large city.  She’s saved the lives of hundreds of wild animals.  She’s a special education teacher and a successful YouTuber.  You can find many incredible videos teaching wildlife rehabilitation and organic farming on her channel.

Ame recently created a workbook entitled “Climate Anxiety – A Guided Journal & Workbook“.  It’s available on Amazon for those of us who are experiencing climate anxiety and want to discover methods for self care.

We are not psychologists or doctors.  The content of this Website is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical or psychological conditions. It is essential to understand that using this Website should not be considered a replacement for seeking medical or psychological care from a qualified professional.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Ame manages climate anxiety in her life
  • How climate change is impacting underserved communities worse than others
  • Tactical exercises for becoming more mindful
  • Advice for finding local or online groups to connect with

5 Simple Ideas for Climate Anxiety:

1. RECOGNIZE THE ANXIETY.  Notice the role that climate anxiety is playing in our lives and address it daily with mindset and self-care.  “Climate Anxiety – A Guided Journal & Workbook” is a good resource for this.

2. DO SOMETHING CALM & TACTILE.  Examples include running water on our hands, holding and rubbing a smooth rock or gemstone, or tracing a shape on something tactile with our finger.  Ame mentions Calm Strips and the labyrinth in her workbook for this.

3. GET INVOLVED IN A LOCAL GROUP.  See our list of large non-profits that have local chapters below.  In addition, search for local groups that are working together and supporting each other.  If you don’t find something local, you can always join a group that meets via Zoom.  Or start your own!  ;-)

4. GET OUTSIDE.  Go outside and focus on the environment around us, focus on our breath, feel the trees, grass, water, sand, etc.  It’s also great to do a meditation while we’re out there!

5. TALK ABOUT IT.  We’re not talking enough.  Studies show that about 7% of American adults feel climate anxiety, yet I couldn’t even find the definition online.  Imagine how many of our children are feeling it.  We speak often about the problems but not often about how to realistically make a difference without putting too much pressure on ourselves.  The more we talk and support each other, the more we can help each other through it.

Important Links:

  1. Family Nature Activities – this playlist has Ame’s videos on creating backyard habitats.
  2. Citizens’ Climate Lobby – this is a national group with local chapters in every state. Ame can’t speak for other states but Madison has a very active group with people of all ages and quite a few sub-committees.
  3. Sierra Clubhas been around for many years and is well established. They tend to have more group activities such as hiking and canoeing outings. The Cincinnati chapter used to take inner-city kids on outings.
  4. National Audubon Society – (many of the local groups are having name changes) but these are the Birding People. They often do bird-watching hikes and also have classes about what is happening with bird populations.  Ame’s local group owns several conservancies and does a lot with preserving habitat. She is doing a bald eagle nest watch with them in Madison.
  5. Ame’s Website:
  6. Ame’s YouTube: @FoxRunEEC
  7. Ame’s Author Page on Amazon:
  8. Ame’s Facebook: @FoxRunEnvironmentalEducationCenter
  9. Ame’s Pinterest:   @FoxRunEnvironme

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About Ame Vanorio:

Ame and I go behind the scenes of wildlife rescue, rehabilitating and releasing animals back into the wild on her farm in Kentucky. On the For Animals For Earth Podcast with Ame Vanorio of Fox Run Environmental Education Center.

Raised on a traditional Kentucky farm, Ame has always loved animals and became a vegetarian at 16 when she refused to participate in processing on the farm. She has graduate degrees in education and environmental science and has worked in traditional schools as well as non-profits.


Our mission is to teach people how to live more environmentally friendly lives. We do this through education programs and outreach about alternative energy, organic gardening, and wildlife conservation.

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Climate Anxiety: 100+ exercises to avoid overwhelm and keep fighting for the earth. With wildlife rehabilitator Ame Vanorio
Climate Anxiety: 5 simple ideas to cope with Ame Vanorio of Fox Run Environmental Education Center
Worried about the future of the Earth? Me too... Here's how I'm managing my anxiety. Climate Anxiety with Ame Vanorio of Fox Run Environmental Education Center

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