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Over the years of running my clothing line, I have learned a lot about fabric, and the process of making clothes.  And honestly, most of it makes me really sad.  The fashion industry in general isn’t very pretty.  But, I do believe it is changing as awareness grows.  And I believe that we can make a difference.

To me, conscious clothing means this:

  1. Eco conscious materials
  2. Animal cruelty free
  3. Ethical work conditions
  4. Recycled, upcycled, reused as much as possible

So this is what you’ll find in my recommendations.  I’m still very much on a journey to transition my purchases to pieces that I’m all extremely proud of.  I’m hoping you’ll help me with what you learn too.  Please comment with your favorite brands so that I can add them.

From the Blog:

Sustainable, Ethical Supply Chains with Steve Brown

Sustainable, ethical supply chains may not sound like the sexiest topic…  BUT… what if I tell you that we’re talking about the future of shopping?  Now that gets exciting!  And it’s the same thing! Steve joined me from Portland, Oregon to talk about his new start-up, The Provenance Chain Network. 

Sustainable Jewelry with Stephanie Maslow Blackman

Stephanie Maslow Blackman joins me from Chelsea, New York to talk about making sustainable jewelry.  Stephanie runs Metalicious Jewelry, a hand made collection of heirloom jewelry, that she makes with recycled metals and ethically mined gemstones.

Eco Friendly Costumes with Katie Miles & Rachel Jones

Eco friendly costumes.  Yep!  Did you know there was such a thing?  I didn’t. Until I talked to Katie and Rachel about their new costume line, Hijinks Costumes. 

Second Hand Stores for Free with Diana Kohne

Diana Kohne joins me in episode 18 from Northeast Los Angeles to talk about second hand stores and her new community project, Trade Closet.  Trade Closet is a private Facebook group for local women to trade clothing, hand bags, and shoes. 

Conscious Kids Fashion Brands

I’ve been asked for this one for a long time.  And it’s finally here!  A list of 50+ go-to conscious kids fashion brands (all have online shops and carry up to at least size 9-10).

How do we find ethical jewelry? with Stephanie Maslow Blackman

We try to be mindful of what we put on our bodies: clothes, makeup, skincare, but what about jewelry? Many of us wear jewelry every day, especially wedding rings. But what impact does our jewelry have on the earth?

Sustainable Development Goals, Fashion Revolution Course: My Class Notes

I got really excited when I saw that Fashion Revolution released a new course this month.  Number one, their classes are FREE and number two, the DEPTH they share is incredible. 

Sustainability, Fast Fashion & the Future with Laura Choi

Laura from Fashion for Conservation encourages us to truly define our own unique style, choosing a look that stands the test of time and makes us feel confident when we walk into a room.  To bring more sustainability and less fast fashion into our lives,

Cute Trucker Hat with Hemp & Recycled Plastic

I’ve wanted to find a cute trucker hat for a long time.  But year after year the months seemed to pass without my taking time to look.  And now that I’m trying to buy everything eco conscious, buying a hat has become a project! 

Adidas Parley Ultra Boost Recycled Plastic Shoes

Have you thought about recycled plastic for your shoes?  I’m super excited about my Adidas Parley Ultra Boost shoes. They’re cute, comfy, and good for the earth.

Fashion for Conservation / Laura Choi Interview

I’ve recently connected with a powerhouse lady that I’m so inspired to share with you!  Laura Choi is the President of a group called Fashion for Conservation.

Does Environmentally Friendly Clothing Matter?

I’ve been down the rabbit hole and back so many times in the past 3 years while I study sustainability and environmentally friendly clothing.  Sometimes I wonder, does it really matter? Note: Sorry for the first 30 seconds of this video!  If you skip past, the quality is much better.

The Fashion Revolution

I recommend a program that I did last Summer which really opened my eyes.  It’s called The Fashion Revolution.  It’s created for consumers to learn more about where their clothes come from.  Check it out!  And please let me know if you do, and what you discover.  The landscape is constantly changing.

Our Clothing Line

Formerly called Trendy Little Sweethearts (the name is transitioning to For Animals. For Earth. slowly).  Our clothing line is an eco conscious line, created to help animal welfare groups around the world.  I recommend shopping in our Etsy store for the latest pieces.

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