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Sustainable, Ethical Supply Chains with Steve Brown

Sustainable, ethical supply chains may not sound like the sexiest topic…  BUT… what if I tell you that we’re talking about the future of shopping?  Now that gets exciting!  And it’s the same thing! Steve joined me from Portland, Oregon to talk about his new start-up, The Provenance Chain Network. 

Ethically Sourced Crystals with Nicholas Pearson

Nicholas Pearson joins me from Orlando, Florida to talk all about ethically sourced crystals.  We really dig in during this episode, talking about the ambiguity of the gemstone industry, and where we can realistically make a difference.

Sound Bath Music is Medicine for Activists with Wakes

Nathan Getzin and Ada Ketchie of Wakes join me from Wenatchee, Washington in episode 13.  We talk about how “Music is Medicine”. Ada and Nathan have an incredible talent for helping individuals heal through sound bath, music, meditation, and movement. Their immersive experiences are especially key for empaths (you and me).  We feel the pain…

Shop List: Ethical Healing Crystals

Anxiety comes and goes for me, but when it’s especially intense, ethical healing crystals really do help.  I am definitely not a crystals expert, but I have learned a few simple ways to use them in my life.  I recently wrote a blog post called “3 Simple Ways to Use Crystals for Anxiety” for the…

Fight Cystic Acne With Nontoxic Spot Care

Nga Tran is the founder of SKIN SOCIETY®, a newly launched nontoxic and clean skin care option for fighting cystic acne.  Nga talks about her struggles with her skin, even as a young girl.  She developed cystic acne products when she couldn’t find a clean option for herself,

A Green Beauty Chat with Paige Padgett

Paige from and Erthling talks to us about green beauty in episodes 3, 4 and 5.  Paige is a Hollywood makeup artist, who recognized the need for clean beauty products for her celebrity clients over 15 years ago.  Her passion for the environment led her into learning

Natural Self Tanner, Tanning Lotion

Looking for a natural self tanner?  Whoa do I hear you!  Being a very pale, freckle faced white girl growing up in Indiana, all I could dream of for years was… being tan!

Organic Foods & Nutrition to Improve Health with Brooke Freeman

Brooke from Natural Freedom Farm shares tips for improved health and nutrition.  Her overall philosophy is that by cooking with organic foods, grown in the earth, we will become more aware of our bodies, and of the earth and environment around us.  This extra energy and awareness changes our everyday lives.

Elderberry Syrup Recipe Immune Booster

How do we build a rock hard immune system?  Well… I don’t know!  But I do know that I feel a teensy bit more nervous each day that the news discusses the Coronavirus.  And the flu.  And the lack of masks. ;-) .  This elderberry syrup recipe is my go to right now.

Step by Step Roadmap to Clean Beauty

In a few recent podcast episodes, Paige Padgett walked us through why we should change to clean beauty, how to do it, and recommendations for everything from deodorant to anti-aging

Clean *Up* Your Holiday Look with Vegan Makeup

Do you love all the party looks you’re seeing on social media? You know the ones with loads of glitter and a bold pop of red lipstick? Or perhaps you’re coveting the unreal shine from a heavy hand of highlighter or a dramatic kohl cat eye? Only, you hate that glitter is a microplastic polluting…