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10 Unique Places to Donate Toys (Where They Will Be Loved)

I’ve been keeping an eye out lately for good places to donate toys as I hop around town. With each birthday party or holiday, we pick up new toys, and inevitably it makes sense to pass some on to new homes. But… every time I go to put a toy into the box…

Moon Bear Book for Kids and Adults

I’m so excited to share this book by Brenda Guiberson and Ed Young with you.  I’ve learned through Animals Asia that moon bears are beautiful, interesting, and intriguing creatures.  The art in this moon bear book is just as gorgeous as they are.

Gift Guide for Conscious Shoppers

How’s the holiday shopping coming?  Are you having a hard time at all?  Would a conscious gift guide help? As the years have gone by, and I’ve become more aware of what these holidays do to the Earth, I’ve struggled more and more.  It’s hard to find the perfect gift, isn’t it? 

Recycled Greeting Cards – Made in USA

Recycled greeting cards – I knew they had to be out there.  We go through so many cards in our house, mostly used as Thank You notes for birthdays and gifts.  I had hoped I would find a recycled paper option.  And… I did! 

Animals for Kids – Animal Rescue Book

My kids fell in love with this Animals for Kids animal rescue book as quickly as I did.  The author is very talented and creative, and you’ll be amazed at how well a book with no words communicates exactly what you want your kids to learn.

Eco-friendly Gift Wrap – Furoshiki Style

One of my favorite discoveries while living in Tokyo was the Furoshiki wrapping cloth.  I came across this nifty cloth a few weeks after we moved there, and I couldn’t get enough of it!