Make a Difference:
When choosing experiences

Permaculture & Ecological Impact Centers with Jason Bliss

Jason joins me from Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica to talk about permaculture, ecological impact centers, and living a life of impact.  He owns a farm where he’s worked with the local community for years to create a sustainable place that people can come to visit, to live, and to learn.

Wildlife Rescue with Ame Vanorio

Ame Vanorio joins me from Falmouth, Kentucky to talk all about wildlife rescue.  She runs Fox Run Environmental Education Center, where she rehabilitates animals to be released back into the wild.  She lives off the grid, teaching people about wildlife, alternative energy, organic gardening, medicinal herbs, and the list goes on.

Island of Catalina Conservancy Tour

The Island of Catalina was immensely more beautiful and preserved than I had expected.  I would assume a lot of this has to do with how much of the land is controlled by the Catalina Island Conservancy.  They control 88%!

Ethically See Animals in Costa Rica

Looking for a way to ethically see animals in Costa Rica?  I was with you!  I think you’ll find that Costa Rica is luckily one of those places that makes finding animal rescues fairly easy.  Why you ask?

Grizzly Bear & Wolf Sanctuary in Yellowstone

Headed to Yellowstone and want to see grizzly bears?  How about a wolf sanctuary?  Worried about seeing these animals ethically? We’re always on the lookout for ethical sanctuaries and rescues to visit when we travel.

Senda Monteverde Costa Rica Ecotourism

Senda Monteverde Costa Rica is an absolutely beautiful resort nestled into the side of the mountains of Costa Rica’s cloud forest.  If you’re imagining yourself staying inside of a cloud forest and thinking, “Wow, that would be unreal…”