Fight Cystic Acne With Nontoxic Spot Care

Nga Tran is the founder of SKIN SOCIETY®, a newly launched nontoxic and clean skin care option for fighting cystic acne.  Nga talks about her struggles with her skin, even as a young girl.  She developed cystic acne products when she couldn’t find a clean option for herself, but she’s just as passionate about helping others who struggle like she has.  SKIN SOCIETY® is cruelty free, paraben free, and non-comedogenic skin care line that focuses on helping people and the earth.

I interviewed Nga on episode 8 of the For Animals For Earth Podcast.  Click play if you would like to listen to our conversation.

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5 Simple Ideas to Try:

Top 5 simple actions that we can take to be more conscious of the environment with our skin care:

  1. Fully empty product bottles (don’t put leftover product down the drain or into the landfill).  If we don’t like a product, donate it to a friend to use.
  2. Start using reusable cotton pads instead of one time use cotton pads.
  3. Reuse or recycle containers and packaging.  A great idea is to use small bottles for travel.
  4. Minimize skin care and use only what we really need.
  5. If we struggle with acne, try to find a clean product to fight it (like SKIN SOCIETY®)

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About Skin Society:

SKIN SOCIETY® is an eco-conscious skincare brand. Their professional-grade products are made in California with the most effective – safe and natural ingredients.  They’re known to improve the recovery time of slow to heal blemishes, and decrease the potential for scarring, dark spots and skin damage.

Their first two products were recently launched to Amazon:

About Our Guest:

Fight cystic acne with Skin Society nontoxic spot care. Learn more about the treatment in episode 8 of the For Animals For Earth Podcast.

Nga Tran is based in Eagle Rock, California and recently founded SKIN SOCIETY®, a clean product for fighting cystic acne.

Nga has always had to take care of her skin.  She began having breakouts as a young teenager and was already going to the dermatologist for cortisone steroid shots and facials at that young age.  As she became an adult, her acne became cystic acne, and she searched for products on the market to help.  When hitting a dead end, she turned to creating her own product, to help herself and others who suffer from cystic acne.

You can find Nga and SKIN SOCIETY® at @skinsociety_ on Instagram or The Skin Society on Facebook.

My Favorite Episode Quote:

“Really being able to help more people with their skin is very exciting to me.  When I get testimonials from people who have tried the product, it confirms that this is what I should be doing.” – Nga Tran, SKIN SOCIETY®

What is Cystic Acne?

Cystic acne occurs when acne is under the skin and develops an infection.  It gets puffy and red and can really hurt.  You have to “babysit” your cystic acne for it to come to the surface and release.  Nga describes how she would develop keloids in her 20’s, where her skin scarred and raised where she had a breakout, if she didn’t watch it very carefully and take care of it.

What is the Cystic Acne Spot Treatment?

SKIN SOCIETY® Cystic Acne Spot Treatment is designed to speed up the process of bringing acne to the surface.  It can be used on any type of acne, but the ingredients reach under the skin, which means that we can use it at the first sign of a breakout.  Sometimes it will help it go away in 1-2 days, or it will expedite the process so that it will come out faster than it would have.

Nga recommends continuing to use the spot treatment until we’re healed because it will help prevent scarring.

What is the Cystic Acne Clarifying Gel?

The SKIN SOCIETY® Clarifying Gel was developed for oily or congested skin.  It helps with natural exfoliation, preventing breakouts.  Also because it’s an exfoliant, it helps with smoothing and clearing out the skin too.

Starting a Skin Care Line:

After looking and not finding a product that worked for her, Nga decided to develop her own.  We joked because she didn’t just try an at-home DIY idea, she found a factory with expert chemists!

Nga actually started with Google.  She began looking for a California-based lab so that she could see the facility, meet with them, and know that they’re a legit, transparent supplier.  She also said that it was very important to her that they have a low carbon footprint and support her local economy.

By the time Nga approached her factory, she knew exactly what she wanted.  She wanted a product for the big breakouts (the spot treatment) because she felt that was something that many people need help with.  She also wanted an everyday clarifying gel because that was something that she personally needed.

Was Creating a Clean Skin Care Line Hard?

After researching, Nga knew that she wanted to combine natural and science-based ingredients.  She says this was important to her because although she would love for everything in it to be natural, it wasn’t effective at fighting acne.  So she looked for a clean, safe combination of the two.

She says this wasn’t actually that difficult to do because she had already done such deep research.  She knew what she wanted and because the lab was so good at what they do, they were able to make it pretty seamless.

Selling Skin Care on Amazon:

Nga wanted to use Amazon to sell her product because it’s a platform that already has an established audience.  She says the process to be approved was long, but luckily not too difficult because she was working with her lab to create the product.

Topicals is a gated category on Amazon, which means it requires a higher threshold of approval than some other products.  Nga mentions some of these things: proof of a legitimate company, brand registration and trademark, lab certification documents, and FDA-compliant labels.

Using an FDA Approved Lab:

Skin care is not regulated, so it’s important to make sure that we’re working with an FDA-approved lab.  This will verify that the product we are using was created in a clean, sanitary place where people are treated ethically and make a living wage.

Fight cystic acne with Skin Society nontoxic spot care. Learn more about the treatment in episode 8 of the For Animals For Earth Podcast.

Conscious Packaging:

Nga talks about how it was very important to her to use glass bottles so that they were recyclable or reusable.  She said this unfortunately is not possible with all products, but she was able to get glass bottles with a plastic dispenser.

She mentioned a great “simple idea”, which is to reuse the bottles as travel size containers for moisturizer, etc. when we’re on the road.

If You're Struggling With Cystic Acne:

Of course it is worth trying SKIN SOCIETY® if you struggle with acne.  Nga also shared these helpful tips about developing a skin care routine.

  1. Use a cleanser, wash face daily
  2. Use an astringent or toner (helpful, but not necessary)
  3. Use an exfoliator (really important)
  4. Use a spot treatment or acne gel
  5. Moisturize your skin
  6. Always make sure to wear spf
  7. Always cover up with a hat when out in the sun.

Understand the Ingredients in Your Products:

FDA now requires that the ingredients be written large enough to read them on the label.  We can go to the EWG (Environmental Working Group) website and enter each ingredient to see if it is good, natural, safe, synthetic, unsafe, etc.

Although something is marketed as “natural”, it may not be truly made from all natural ingredients.  Nga talks about how you need a preservative to make sure that a product stays safe and does not have contaminates in it or breakdown.  She talks about how there are natural and synthetic preservatives, and EWG can tell us the safety level of each one.

Some of the ingredients in SKIN SOCIETY® products:

  • Glycolic Acid (AHA) – derived from sugar cane, a good exfoliant
  • Lactic Acid (AHA) – another good exfoliator
  • Tea Tree Oil – helps with inflammation
  • Aloe Vera – general healing properties, soothes the skin
  • Niacinamide – vitamin B3 synthetic clean ingredient

Nga's Contact Details:

The best way to reach Nga is to DM her on Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook: @The Skin Society

Instagram: @skinsociety_


Buy Skin Society Products:

The best place to buy the products is on Amazon (if you do, help her out by doing a review ;-), on her website, or directly on her Facebook or Instagram feeds.

SKIN SOCIETY® Cystic Acne Spot Treatment on Amazon

SKIN SOCIETY® Cystic Acne Clarifying Gel on Amazon

Skin Society Website –

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