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I love this idea for eco-friendly gift wrapping baby and birthday party gifts - Trendy Little Sweethearts

One of my favorite discoveries while living in Tokyo was the Furoshiki wrapping cloth.  I came across this nifty cloth a few weeks after we moved there, and I couldn’t get enough of it!  It’s the perfect eco friendly gift wrap.

Simple idea: use reusable fabric to wrap gifts

I began wrapping everything in them, especially gifts.  I even used them to carry food and wine to dinner parties.  They’re super economical and provide a unique option for eco-friendly gift wrapping.  The best part: I can wrap (and re-wrap) gifts with my daughter, and teach her about eco-friendly gift wrapping options at the same time.

What is a Furoshiki, you ask?

It’s a square (at least all of mine were square) piece of cloth that you use to temporarily wrap something you transport.  Their history is fascinating.  They were used all the way back to the 700’s, for the emperor’s personal belongings.  And they became popular in the 1600’s for holding clothes at public bathhouses.  How fun is that?  I can just picture the nobility with their fancy cloths!

Use Furoshiki as eco-friendly gift wrap:

If you’re ALL ABOUT eco-friendly, and ALL ABOUT unique, you’re going to fall in love with wrapping gifts in furoshiki as much as me.

Try one next time you take a gift to:

  • a baby shower
  • a bridal shower
  • a birthday party
  • the list goes on…

Or “dazzle” your friends at the next dinner party by showing up with your super cool, reusable carrier that folds up into your purse to go home!  ;-)

How to Make Furoshiki:

I love the tutorial that Omiyage Blogs put together for how to make your own furoshiki.  If you have a sewing machine, and a basic level of comfort with it, you can make your own!

If you’re not comfortable with a sewing machine, you can use any piece of square fabric that you find already finished at the craft store.  A bandana, for instance, will work, and you could doctor that up with fabric paint or beads, whatever you’d like!

Where to Buy Furoshiki:

Don’t have time to make one?  Or feel like you’re FAR FROM A DIY DIVA?  Do a quick search on Etsy or Amazon, and you’ll find plenty of options.

I’m thinking of making some for the shop with sweet little animals that you can buy for baby gifts, etc… what do you think?

Looking for DIY gift ideas to put inside?

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Simple way to teach kids to Save the Earth by wrapping birthday party gifts in reusable furoshiki fabric | Trendy Little Sweethearts
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