Gift Guide for Conscious Shoppers

Conscious gift guides, filled with unique cruelty free and environmentally friendly gifts. Our purchase decisions are a simple way to make a difference. | For Animals For Earth

How’s the holiday shopping coming?  Are you having a hard time at all?  Would a conscious gift guide help?

As the years have gone by, and I’ve become more aware of what these holidays do to the Earth, I’ve struggled more and more.  It’s hard to find the perfect gift, isn’t it?  And then we have to find something that minimizes its impact!  It’s nearly impossible.

Simple idea: start with conscious stores

Simple ideas to help your local animal shelter this season. They're as easy as donating money (but with a fun twist to get your kids involved) to spending a little more time making beds for the dogs and cats. | For Animals For Earth

I truly believe that our purchase decisions are a simple way to make a difference. I hope that by next year’s holiday season, I’ll have a big long list of awesome options for you. I’m constantly looking for new ideas.  For now, here are my favorite 2019 conscious gift guides.  Hopefully you’ll find something good!

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