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Easy Dog Treat Recipe to Donate to Shelters

Making dog treats for shelters is one of our favorite activities.  It’s fairly easy to do with this dog treat recipe, and it’s a great way for kids to make a difference for rescued animals.

Animals for Kids – Animal Rescue Book

My kids fell in love with this Animals for Kids animal rescue book as quickly as I did.  The author is very talented and creative, and you’ll be amazed at how well a book with no words communicates exactly what you want your kids to learn.

Earth Day: Five Ways to Help in Less Than Ten Minutes

Earth Day!  It's almost here (at least for 2019).  April 22nd marks a day that makes me very happy.  Millions of people around the world pause to think about something bigger.  Something that brings us all together, no matter what tiny corner of the world we call home. I know that you move as quickly [...]

Reading to Dogs at South LA Animal Services

I had the chance to do one of the coolest things I have yet done this past Sunday with Shawn, Miya, and Bauer.  We joined some of Miya’s friends from school, and some new friends we’ve recently made, at South LA Animal Services to read to dogs! 

Eco-friendly Gift Wrap – Furoshiki Style

One of my favorite discoveries while living in Tokyo was the Furoshiki wrapping cloth.  I came across this nifty cloth a few weeks after we moved there, and I couldn’t get enough of it!

Spring Clean and Give Back with Kids

Are you a Spring Cleaner? I’m not always on top of it myself, but this year I did it WITH my kids, and guess what… we did it QUICKLY!


Want to learn some fun facts about each animal?  Click below to download copies of our activity cards.  Use this as a 5-10 minute activity with your little one.
Activity Card to Learn about Cats
Activity Card to Learn about Elephants
Activity Card to Learn about Whales
Activity to teach kids about saving moonbears | Trendy Little Sweethearts


Max & Maddie wear each of our tees on adventures with their friends and family.  Click below to join them and learn more about saving each animal.
Trendy Little Sweethearts Max & Maddie Learn About Saving Moon Bears


Allow your little one to express his or her creativity by printing plain pages of Max and Maddie in their animal shirts, and handing them over to color.
Coloring Book to Learn about Cats
Coloring Book to Learn about Dogs
Coloring Book to Learn about Elephants
Coloring Book to Learn about Whales
Coloring book to teach kids about saving bears | Trendy Little Sweethearts