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Plant Based Cooking with Kids with Azizi Birkeland

Azizi Birkeland joined me from Bali, Indonesia to talk about Tiny Green Chef, her business designed to teach plant based...

Earth Day: Five Ways to Help in Less Than Ten Minutes

Earth Day!  It’s almost here!  April 22nd marks a day that makes me very happy.  Millions of people around the…

Exotic Animals: Rescue & Advocacy with Christin Burford

Christin joins me from Apopka, Florida, just north of Walt Disney World, where she runs The CARE Foundation, an exotic...

Eco Friendly Costumes with Katie Miles & Rachel Jones

Eco friendly costumes.  Yep!  Did you know there was such a thing?  I didn’t. Until I talked to Katie and…

Help Animal Shelters This Season – 5 Simple Ways

Whoa!  The holidays came in hot didn’t they?!!  I mean what happened to this last year?  So surreal.  I know that…

Conscious Kids Fashion Brands

I’ve been asked for this one for a long time.  And it’s finally here!  A list of 50+ go-to conscious…


Want to learn some fun facts about each animal?  Click below to download copies of our activity cards.  Use this as a 5-10 minute activity with your little one.
Activity Card to Learn about Cats
Activity Card to Learn about Elephants
Activity Card to Learn about Whales
Activity to teach kids about saving moonbears | Trendy Little Sweethearts


Max & Maddie wear each of our tees on adventures with their friends and family.  Click below to join them and learn more about saving each animal.
Trendy Little Sweethearts Max & Maddie Learn About Saving Moon Bears


Allow your little one to express his or her creativity by printing plain pages of Max and Maddie in their animal shirts, and handing them over to color.
Coloring Book to Learn about Cats
Coloring Book to Learn about Dogs
Coloring Book to Learn about Elephants
Coloring Book to Learn about Whales
Coloring book to teach kids about saving bears | Trendy Little Sweethearts