How Max & Maddie Help Dogs

Max and Maddie illustration of our walk the dog outfits


Max and Maddie
are two cool friends,
who love great fashion
and all new trends.

Because they love
to dress in style,
they even walk the dog
in high profile!

Max has a dog
who is older than him,
but Man! He has energy,
at 6 AM!

Tiger licks his hand
and wakes him up,
every morning,
he walks that pup! 

Maddie doesn’t have a dog,
but she loves to volunteer,
and read to the little ones
with big giant ears.

They live at the shelter
and are looking for homes.
She helps them to be happy
so they are not alone.

The dogs always love
when she brings her favorite books.
It seems like they listen…
but they give her funny looks!

Do you have a favorite dog
that you can read to?
we’d love to hear from you!

Want to Re-create Max & Maddie's Adventure? Here are some ideas:

1. Brainstorm a fun activity that you can do with a dog.  Ideas include:

  • walk the dog
  • read the dog a book
  • play fetch together
  • teach the dog how to shake hand

2. Pick a dog to do your activity with. Do you have a dog?

3. If yes, get started and have fun! Snap a photo and share it on your favorite social media with #justlikemaxandmaddie

4. If no, look up shelters to visit in your neighborhood. Here are some search ideas:

If you need help presenting your idea for volunteering to your local shelter, you can share the story on our website and tell them that you want to help, just like Max and Maddie.

Want your own Dog Rescue Tee like Max & Maddies?

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