Max & Maddie Learn About Moon Bears

A fun way to teach kids to Save Moon Bears! You join storybook characters Max & Maddie while they wear their eco-friendly Save Bears Tshirts on an adventure to learn about moon bear rescue | Trendy Little Sweethearts

Max & Maddie's Moon Bear Adventure

“So what do you know about moon bears?”
Maddie said to Max with a smile.
“Well, I’ve heard they live in the forest.
And there’s only one for miles.”

“Really? Why…? Do they like to be alone?”
“I guess! I don’t know. Maybe to sit on their throne.”
“Ha! They have a throne? What does that mean?”
“I’m just joking” Max said,”They build nests high in the trees.”

“Oh wow, that’s cool! They can climb trees?”
“Yes! I’ve heard they make beds at 65 feet!”
“Wow, that’s high! What else do you know?”
Maddie asked as she leaned in, “How big do they grow?”

“Well, when they stand up, on their hind legs,
I’ve heard they’re about 5 to 6 feet tall.
But every bear is different. Just like us.
Some are big. And some are small.”

“What do they like to do for fun?”
Maddie asked with curiosity.
“They like to play with puzzles, and balls,
and swing in the trees.

They’re really really smart, and they talk to each other.
They even scream when they fight – like you and your mother!”
“Ha! Funny. You know we don’t scream.” Maddie pushed Max’s arm,
“I want to hear more. Do they dream?”

“Now that, I don’t know… but maybe they do…
I know that sometimes they do what people do.”

“So why do they live in sanctuaries?” Maddie asked next.
“As forests are destroyed, there’s not much room left.
It makes it easy for poachers to capture them for money,
then move them to farms where it’s not all bees and honey.”

“What do you mean?” Maddie asked, her eyes big and wide.
“Well… unfortunately they stick needles in the bear’s side.”

“What! Why would they do that?” Maddie asked in shock.
“That sounds so painful. Can they even walk?”
“No, not at all.” Max replied with a sigh.
“They are kept in tiny cages for the rest of their lives.”

“But why would they do that?” Maddie asked, so confused.
“They take the liquid from their gallbladder for anywhere it can be used.
Supposedly it helps, with medical problems people have.
But there are tons of other options that aren’t nearly as bad.

Animals Asia is a group, located in China and Vietnam.
Every time they have a chance, they save bears from the farms.
It takes a little while, but the bears usually adjust.
At first they’re pretty scared, but eventually they can trust.

They get to play and be themselves, walk on grass, swing in trees.
It’s so much fun to see them relax and totally be at ease.”
“That’s so great,”” Maddie said, “how do you know all of this?
Max said, “I love to watch the videos. There’s not one that I miss!

Check out their website, or instagram, or facebook.
They always post videos so that we can take a look,
at the awesome work they’re doing to save the bears lives,
and give them a chance to live happily, and free, and alive.”

Learn more about bears and help Animals Asia rescue them at

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