Max & Maddie Learn About Cats

Cute way to teach kids about saving cats | For Animals For Earth

Max & Maddie's Cat Adventure

“Did you hear what’s happening today?”
“No! I didn’t!” Max exclaimed.
“Mom said they’re bringing cats to school!
And we get to choose their names”

“Come on, let’s hurry!” Maddie said
as they ran into school.
Max thought Maddie was crazy.
Cats were totally against the rules!

But she seemed pretty certain,
perhaps she was right?
Could cats really be coming?
What if they get in a fight?

“Are you sure that’s what you heard?”
Max asked Maddie at their seats.
“It doesn’t seem likely,” Max said.
Maddie said, “You just wait and see.”

The bell rang just then,
and Mrs. Keller started class.
“I have a secret for you…” she said,
“it’s about animals with sass!”

The kids all laughed out loud,
but what did she mean?
Do animals have sass?
Do they carry that gene?

“A local shelter is visiting,
with cats looking for homes.
There are so many that need help,
so that they are not alone.”

The rescue group came to visit
and brought five little kittens.
They were so soft and playful;
one even had mittens!

They ALL needed homes.
They were found by a shed.
At least at the shelter
for now, they had a warm bed.

Maddie asked the lady,
“how can we help?
It’s pretty hard for kids right?
When I touch a kitten it yelps!”

“It’s true, it’s hard for kids,
but there are still things you can do.
If your family is a good fit for adoption,
you can find the right pet for you.

Supplies can also be expensive,
and the building can too.
Saving some money to donate
helps us do more of what we do.

Sometimes you’ll find cats,
who live on the street.
You’ll want to pick them up
because they look so sweet.

The best thing you can do
is give us a call.
We’ll help you find a solution
that’s truly best of all.”

So if you love cats and kittens
and have ideas of what we can do,
tag us @trendylittlesweethearts
We’d love to hear from you!

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