Max & Maddie Learn About Elephants

A fun way to teach kids to Save Elephants! You join storybook characters Max & Maddie while they wear eco-friendly Save Elephants Tshirts on an adventure to learn about elephants | Trendy Little Sweethearts

Chapter 1: About Elephants

Max & Maddie are two best friends,
who can’t wait to learn about elephants.
They’re headed right now in Max’s car
to visit Aunt Mary, who lives really far.

She used to live in Africa,
where the elephants roam.
She always has good stories
when they visit her home.

“What do you think she’ll teach us?”
Max said from his seat.
Maddie replied, “Hmm… I don’t know…
maybe what they eat!”

“I wonder what they eat,” Max said,
“I think it’s grass… maybe trees?
Actually… yes, that’s right!
I heard 300 pounds of these!”

“Look, there’s Aunt Mary’s!”
They arrived and got out.
“She always has the best presents!”
Maddie ran with a shout.

There at the door was Aunt Mary,
her hands holding gifts,
a t-shirt for each
and an activity list.

The list was filled,
with fun elephant facts,
like they DO eat 300 pounds
EVERY DAY as a matter of fact!

But some things were sad,
like they’re running out of land.
And people kill them for their tusks,
even though that’s been banned.

There are good people in Africa though,
who fight for their lives,
and take care of the babies
if the mother elephant dies.

Aunt Mary told them about the orphanage
where they all live.
Their human friends are called keepers;
sometimes they sleep with them!

She said elephants need our help
if they’re going to survive.
It will take many years, and many people
to keep them alive.

Max & Maddie were sold.
They were excited to help.
They started drawing pictures of elephants,
and buying books for their shelf.

They knew as they grew
they could do more each year,
and maybe someday they would visit
and see the elephants near.

What ideas do you have,
for helping elephants today?
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Chapter 2: Visiting David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

“We’re finally in Kenya!
Seeing how the elephants live,”
Maddie said to Max
as they entered the orphanage.

“It’s so sweet how they play in the mud,
and go on walks in the bush.”
Max laughed, “I like when they throw a tantrum!
Or give each other a push.”

Maddie smiled as one came close,
and rested his trunk against her nose.
“Maybe someday I’ll be a keeper,” she thought,
“and cuddle someone like you close.”

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