My Conscious Makeup Drawer – the Top 5

Tired of looking for conscious makeup brands? Feel free to take a shortcut and just copy mine! Here’s a list of everything I use, with links directly to each item. Enjoy!

I get asked this a lot: “What products do you use?”  Over the years I’ve done countless hours of my own research, deciding whether I believed in companies enough to use their products or not.  And I’m in love with my conscious makeup drawer.

And I’m excited to share it with you!  We can all support these companies together and help them grow.

Simple idea:

SKIN CARISMA INGREDIENT ANALYZER.  This is my go to for conscious makeup.  Copy and paste ingredients for a free report and learn how any product aligns (or doesn’t align) with your needs and values.


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My Full Makeup Drawer:

It was extremely hard to choose just 5 items!  I’m obsessed with ALL of them.  So I went ahead and put ALL of my conscious makeup drawer items into a free download with clickable links.  Get that here:

My Top 5 Must Have Conscious Makeup Items:

Once you click the link for a product, copy and paste the ingredients from Amazon into Skin Carisma’s Ingredient Analyzer and see if the product is a good fit for you.  Feel free to search other items from these brands.  I believe in all of these companies.

Some of the links below are part of my Amazon Associates shop.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Money earned through these links goes into For Animals. For Earth., helping us reach new people and help more animals.  Thank you for your support!

1. Beauty by Earth Tinted Facial Sunscreen + Fifth & Skin Liquid Foundation.  I blend these two together for the consistency that I like.  Thick enough to cover lines, but liquid enough to spread on easily and not dry out.

2. Burt’s Bees Eye Shadow.  I use the bottom color first, a darker brown on my eye lid, and then I highlight above that with the medium brown (and sometimes the lightest cream color at the top if I want an extra shimmer).

3. Erthling Space Cream Highlighter.  This is for a pop of fun.  I purchased the yellow color so it blends in with my skin and adds a simple light gold shimmer.  But you can get it in bright colorful shades, and you can add it on thicker for a brighter glitter pop.  Have fun with it!  Glitter that’s actually CLEAN!

4.  Waxhead Sunscreen for My Lips.  I have a big problem with my lips burning in the sun and popping out with cold sores.  I use this daily to prevent my lips from burning and the tiny tin fits easily in the console of my car, or in my purse.

5.  Beauty by Earth Lip Balm.  In the past I struggled with a chapstick addiction.  If I didn’t apply chapstick every hour or so, my lips would become very dry, red and irritated.  This was the first lip balm to break me of that need.  I keep this around for those moments that my lips need a little something.

If you’re looking for more, try downloading my Full Conscious Makeup Drawer List.  I’ve linked to everything I use and love in that.

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Tired of looking for conscious makeup brands? Feel free to take a shortcut and just copy mine! Here’s a list of everything I use, with links directly to each item. Enjoy!
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