Organic Foods & Nutrition to Improve Health with Brooke Freeman

Garden fresh foods for healthy eating with health coach Brooke Freeman

Brooke from Natural Freedom Farm shares tips for improved health and nutrition.  Her overall philosophy is that by cooking with organic foods, grown in the earth, we will become more aware of our bodies, and of the earth and environment around us.  This extra energy and awareness changes our everyday lives.

I interviewed Brooke on episode 1 of the For Animals For Earth Podcast.  Click play if you would like to listen to our conversation.

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5 Simple Ideas to Try:

Top 5 actions that you can take if you’re feeling compelled to make a difference with what you eat.

  1. Cook more meals with organic foods grown IN the earth (veggies!)
  2. Try growing your own fruits & veggies with a small garden or planter box
  3. If eating meat, make sure it is ethically sourced
  4. Make cooking time special – watch or listen to something you love
  5. Let your kids help – both in the garden & cooking
Organic Foods & Nutrition to Improve Health with Brooke Freeman on the For Animals For Earth Podcast - Episode 1

About Our Guest:

Brooke Freeman from Edmond, Oklahoma joins me this week for the very first episode of the For Animals For Earth Podcast!  Brooke is a nurse, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a mom, and wife to her husband Mike, who she recently started the nonprofit Natural Freedom Farm with.

She lives with her adorable family (husband, 2 boys, & dog). And she teaches people how to take control of their health through nutrition and lifestyle adjustments. Brooke specializes in Hormone Health.

Brooke is really fun to follow on Instagram at @essentiallyinfusedhome and @naturalfreedomfarm. She makes life look simple and fun, and she shares super easy recipes and ideas for living more consciously with the earth.

My Favorite Episode Quote:

“That’s why I LOVE getting out in the earth, where you can really get connected with what you’re eating.  And get connected with yourself.  And really be aware of those subtle things.  Because your body will tell you when something is not right.” – Brooke Freeman

Food is Medicine.

We started our conversation talking about Coronavirus, and the real fear that has entered all of our lives.  Brooke shares her perspective on how food is medicine.  And how our bodies are built and created to heal themselves.  We’re strong, and our bodies can keep us healthy if they’re properly nourished, and we’ve been proactively taking care of ourselves with organic foods.

She and her family turn to herbs and fresh fruits and vegetables as immune boosters.  They also count on fresh air and getting outside and moving around.

When you get into the earth and eat what grows inside the earth, it is healing for our bodies.

Her goal as a health coach and with her nonprofit Natural Freedom Farm is to help people get back to the dirt, and the sun, and real food.  And to teach them how to grow organic food themselves.  She wants people to know that they can take control of their own health and get back to nature and eat from nature.  And it will be so healing and refreshing for their bodies.

Natural Freedom Farm is open for everyone, but mostly focused on young children.  We can make a big impact by helping young children understand the importance of nutrition and getting out into the earth.  It can prevent diseases such as childhood obesity and diabetes.

Brooke and Mike find that people are very excited by the idea of growing their own garden and not having a grocery bill.  They also love being able to come out and pick what they need for their family.

Brooke wants to convince people that gardening can be done even if you’re not a professional gardener.  Try it, throw some seeds down and water; and if it doesn’t work, try something else.

See “Raised Garden Bed – Grow a Salad Bar” for Brooke’s guidance on how to easily build your own raised planter garden.

That way you’re watching your budget, you’re eating fresh, and you’re only having to prep one time for multiple meals.

The top barriers that Brooke hears for eating healthy are BUDGET and TIME.  When Brooke takes people to the store to shop, she likes to have them choose 5-6 ingredients and make multiple meals from those same ingredients.

For example, prep for a stir fry, and the next day use the same vegetables for a salad.  On the third day, use the same vegetables to make a soup.  Usually, you can prep meals for the full week with the same ingredients that you bought at the beginning of the week.  A meal plan and one day of meal prep helps you avoid being hungry and at the last minute, and accidentally choosing an unhealthy meal.

Cooking and eating your own food changes your life.

Brooke says, “There’s just something special about when you’re cooking your own food, and you know you’ve just provided your family with something healthy and good to eat.  You realize you have the time to do it, and it feels great.”

The main change Brooke sees when people change what they eat is that they have more energy.  And by cooking and eating organic foods that you, yourself, make, you become more connected to your body.  You’ll begin to notice if you start to get sick, or if your body needs something, because you are so in tune.

Ethically sourcing food and giving back to the Earth

Brooke is a vegetarian; however, her husband eats meat.  She talks about how ethically sourcing meat and choosing animals that are not tortured throughout their lives is important, not only for the animals, but also for the energy that shifts into the human body when you eat it.

She also discusses how they consciously try to treat the earth well in everything they do.  And their goal is to give back to the earth everyday, because it has suffered for so long and needs replenished.

Brooke’s story and why she changed

Brooke shares her story about raising her kids as a nurse and a scary interaction with vaccines that led her to begin questioning what she puts into her kids’ bodies.  She questioned everything from food to cleaning supplies.  Their family did a 180 and focused completely on nurturing their bodies with healthy food, nontoxic cleaning supplies, and a healthy environment.

They started by changing what they bought at the store, and by making more fruit and vegetable smoothies.  Because of waste, they began gardening and growing their own organic foods.  With gardening, they knew that their food was chemical free, and from their own dirt, and safe.  And that slowly evolved to how they live today.

One Simple Idea to Get Started

Start with a simple food journal.  Record what you ate and what you drank today, and how it made you feel.  What can you do tomorrow?  Choose one thing to try differently.

The most important thing is understanding where you are at right now and what works in your life.  You don’t need to be perfect.  Example: Each day this week, I’m going to try to add one thing that is fresh or healthy.  Or, I’m going to try to make one fresh homemade meal this week.

Brooke is always available to help anyone who needs help. Please contact her if you have questions.

Email is the best way to get in touch with Brooke:


Instagram: @NaturalFreedomFarm

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