Plant Power Virtual Summit by Love the Green Life

I'm speaking about how to make a difference for animals and the earth without spending a lot of time at the Plant Power Virtual Summit 2021.

I’m speaking at the Plant Power Virtual Summit 2021 next week!  My workshop is called “How to Make a Difference, Without Spending a Lot of Time”.

Here’s the description:

“We all have something to offer animals and the environment, and it differs for each person. Some of us have more time, others more energy or passion. Some have more money to donate, others have access to programs because of where they live. We can learn from each other and generate thousands of creative ideas when we take the time to tune into where our passions lie and what’s accessible to us. This workshop will share simple ideas for living a more conscious life in food, fashion, home goods, beauty, health, travel, kids, pets, and volunteering.”

I hope you will come join me.  It’s free!

This summit is sponsored by the Love the Green Life non-profit.  Jess and Natalie host a podcast called Love the Green Life that I joined last week, and I repurposed part of the episode for this week’s For Animals. For Earth. podcast.  Enjoy!


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Simple idea:

JOIN THE SUMMIT.  The Plant Power Virtual Summit is free and full of great speakers listed below.  Join us from June 7-11, 2021, or download a recording afterward.  Join here.


  • Marisa Miller Wolfson (author/director of Vegucated)
  • Anthony & Staci Lo Cascio (authors of Food as a Prescription)
  • Brandy Heyde Montague (For Animals. For Earth.)
  • Angela Rahim (Master Herbalist, Aromatherapist and author)
  • Azizi Birkeland (Tiny Green Chef)
  • Emily Crofford (Dance Educator, Core Connecting)
  • Kendall Crookston (Sustainability)
  • Carly Ameling (305 Fitness)
  • Presentations from Love The Green Life board members!!
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