Hi there! I'm Brandy Heyde Montague, Founder of For Animals. For Earth.

Brandy Heyde Montague from For Animals For Earth

About Me:

I have been passionate about helping animals since I declared myself a vegetarian at three years old on my grandparent’s farm.  Over the years I’ve done various projects to help in animal welfare as an industrial engineer, a graphic designer, a community advocate, and an animal reiki teacher.  I started an eco conscious clothing line in 2016 to help animal interest groups, and through that discovered a second passion: saving the Earth.

I now run For Animals. For Earth., a resource hub of simple ideas that anyone can try in their daily life to make a difference.  I hand paint the clothing sold in our Etsy shop, and I host a show called For Animals. For Earth., where I interview creators and activists all over the world who are making a difference. You can find the show streaming on all major podcast platforms and YouTube.

My Mission:

My mission is to bring more approachable conversation to the sustainability and animal welfare space.  We all have something to offer, and making an impact looks different for each one of us.  I lead workshops, speak at summits, coordinate “on air” conversations, and host Clubhouse rooms about these topics.

Topics that I can discuss:

  • Simple ideas to make a difference for animals and the environment within our daily lives.
  • How we already make a difference with our choices (good or bad), and if we just tweak a few, we’ll find that it’s not too hard to make a bigger difference.
  • How we can influence kids to grow with conscious compassion for animals, the earth, and the people around them.
  • How we can influence the people around us with open, safe dialog about animal welfare and the environment.
  • How sustainability looks different for all of us, and there is room for everyone to make a difference.
  • Actionable ideas for conscious living in beauty, health, fashion, home goods, food, travel, and pets.
  • How to start a sustainable wardrobe with various options that work for different people.
  • How animals can teach us to slow down and connect to a higher power through animal reiki.
  • Specific brand recommendations for people who are too busy to find truly conscious products but would like to make simple swaps.

Potential questions:

The following are thought starters that may work well as questions:

  • What are some ideas for living more consciously with fashion, food, beauty, health, home goods, travel, kids, pets and/or volunteering?
  • What have you learned from the guests that you have interviewed on your podcast?
  • How do you teach your kids to live a more conscious life?
  • How did you get into podcasting?
  • How did you become passionate about helping animals and the environment?
  • How do you help animals without getting overwhelmed and sad?
  • Where do you find new ideas and inspiration?
  • How do you stay motivated, without burning out?

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