Have you been looking for a way to help?  But, it seems impossible to find time?  Or, you can’t do it with kids?  I hear you.  I’m constantly looking for creative ways to donate my time to make a difference.  I’ll capture the good ideas below. ;-)

Easy Dog Treat Recipe to Donate to Shelters

Making dog treats for shelters is one of our favorite activities.  It’s fairly easy to do with this dog treat recipe, and it’s a great way for kids to make a difference for rescued animals.

Earth Day: Five Ways to Help in Less Than Ten Minutes

Earth Day!  It's almost here (at least for 2019).  April 22nd marks a day that makes me very happy.  Millions of people around the world pause to think about something bigger.  Something that brings us all together, no matter what tiny corner of the world we call home. I know that you move as quickly [...]

Reading to Dogs at South LA Animal Services

I had the chance to do one of the coolest things I have yet done this past Sunday with Shawn, Miya, and Bauer.  We joined some of Miya’s friends from school, and some new friends we’ve recently made, at South LA Animal Services to read to dogs! 

8 Unique Places to Donate Toys (Where They Will Be Loved)

I’ve been keeping an eye out lately for good places to donate toys as I hop around town. With each birthday party or holiday, we pick up new toys, and inevitably it makes sense to pass some on to new homes. But… every time I go to put a toy into the box, I flashback […]

Spring Clean and Give Back with Kids

Are you a Spring Cleaner? I’m not always on top of it myself, but this year I did it WITH my kids, and guess what… we did it QUICKLY!