Thrift Stores: The Ultimate Online List

The ultimate list of 50 + online thrift stores to buy second hand or upcycled clothing. Good for the environment and good for your wallet.

Thrift stores!  I’ve been dipping my toe in this past year.  This is a new topic for me, especially becoming a focus since I interviewed Diana Kohne from Trade Closet on the podcast.

But with covid in full force, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit stores near me.  The silver lining here is that I HAVE had hours to research online thrift stores.  And I found SO many!  I would guess that most of these are not already on your radar.

If you can’t thrift shop locally and want to try online, have fun perusing.  These are broken by general category, and then loosely listed from least expensive to most expensive.

If you know of stores that I’ve missed, please comment and let me know so that I can add them.


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It’s always better to go LOCAL FIRST.  For the economy and the environment.

  1. local thrift store / second-hand shop
  2. local antique store
  3. local farmer’s market
  4. local flea market
  5. throw a swap party with friends
  6. Facebook trade or swap group
  7. Facebook marketplace

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Brandy Montague 0:00
Welcome to episode number 28 of the for animals for Earth podcast: five online thrift sh ops that you may not know about. So hi guys it is just me here today, I am doing the first of our quicker simple roundup episodes where I share five things under a specific topic so as you heard today is going to be about thrift shopping. If you haven’t already joined the five day conscious lifestyle challenge, I would really love to have you over there, it is all about jumpstarting a path to making a difference within our daily lives. So you get one email per day for five days and each of those is in a totally different section of your life or your lifestyle and then you’re going to be able to look through each one and kind of find what speaks to you by the end of the week so it’s free I hope you’ll join me it is over at for animals for slash lifestyle challenge. So for today’s show notes links to the five thrift stores that I’m going to highlight today and another 50 online thrift stores that you can check out and see if they speak to you personally go to for

Brandy Montague 1:24
Hi there this is Brandy and you’re listening to the for animals for Earth podcast. This is a space where we inspire each other to take small steps every day to live a more conscious life to helping animals, and the planet, while we do it. I’m so glad that you’re here. Let’s all take a deep breath… and let’s get started.

Brandy Montague 1:50
So I’m curious. Are you a thrift shopper? I am a new thrift shopper. I did a lot of thrifting back in my, you know college university days about 20 years ago, I think it was less about the environment and more about. That’s how I could afford new clothes. But then I think you know the world of fast fashion became very mainstream and I jumped right into that oh my gosh, I loved going shopping at forever, 21, and h&m Zara you know these stores that had super cute clothing that I could afford and that really became probably the next 10 to 15 years of my, you know fashion shopping life.

Brandy Montague 2:43
I really didn’t even realize that there was a problem with that sort of fashion, until I started our clothing line, and I was making little t shirts for kids that was all about helping whales. And when I was looking at t shirt blanks, I started researching, kind of, how they’re made, and realized that there was so much pollution, going into the oceans, off of you know standard just practices for how clothing is made and what it’s made of. And I, I kind of got caught in this conundrum of not knowing I know it wasn’t that I didn’t know I just didn’t feel like I could move forward with a product that wasn’t focused on the environment, as much as it was focused on helping whales because the two things were so symbiotic you know they really weren’t separate from each other.

Brandy Montague 3:45
So anyway, that that was about five years ago and that really kind of sent me into the rabbit hole of understanding the impact that fashion has on the environment. And that’s not something I’m going to get into today but I will say if you’re interested at all. There’s a nonprofit called fashion revolution that has incredible, incredible courses that you can take, and just learned so much about the ethics and the environment, behind fashion so I hope you’ll check that out.

Brandy Montague 4:18
So for me, at that point when I started learning more, I kind of stopped buying clothes altogether I had a couple I remember two shopping trips where I went to my friend’s store here locally in LA, it’s called j and gray it’s an adorable store and I traded her some of the for animals for Earth clothing for some of her clothing in the store, and that, along with all of my sisters hand me downs has been my closet for the past five years, and I’m honestly at a point right now where I feel like my entire kind of fashion identity is gone, it. Most of the clothes in my closet don’t really fit my personality, and they don’t feel like they are mine, if that makes sense.

Brandy Montague 5:08
And so I have been trying a couple of new things. One of them is trade closet, which Diana Kohne came on to Episode 18 of the show and she talked about her new endeavor, project called trade closet. And so I have done that one so far where I took some of my clothes and I traded them with another lady here in LA and I’m super excited about two new tops that I got.

Brandy Montague 5:36
And I’ve also been using an eco conscious and ethically sourced subscription box from wearwell and so every month I’ve had a stylist helping me pick out a piece that works for my wardrobe and I’ve started to kind of build up my own wardrobe in my own style again and that’s been really cool. I actually am really excited that the founders of that company are going to be coming on the podcast at the end of February, so keep an eye out for that.

Brandy Montague 6:10
And then I’ve been dipping my toe into thrifting and so far I’ve only purchased from one store, and it was a success, but I have looked up like I said over 50 different stores to peruse and get to know, obviously if things are opened where you live, go for shopping locally first if you have some local thrift stores or the local farmers market where you can swap with people in your area. I’ll just caveat was saying please do that first. But if you don’t, and you’re interested in finding spots online. That’s what this list is for.

Brandy Montague 6:43
Also one last thing. If you are a thrifter I would so love to hear from you. Because I’m so new to this and I’m kind of learning, like what are some tricks of the trades so I hope you’ll jump over on Instagram and DM me or comment on the post for this episode, we’re at for animals for Earth on Instagram.

Brandy Montague 7:05
All right, so let’s get into the top five thrift stores that I want to try and share with you. So, number five is Patagonia Worn Wear. So I don’t know if you know about this, but Patagonia has a second hand and recrafted section of their website and it’s called worn where it’s for women, men, and kids, and it’s Patagonia clothing that you can get you know at a cheaper price, and you get it secondhand instead of, you know, new production, so you can find that at, or at wornwell on Instagram.

Brandy Montague 7:52
Number four is Tonle Open Closet so that’s spelled t o n, l e open closet so this is the one that I’ve tried so far. This is a brand that I am absolutely in love wins. They have a zero waste creation process, and they make all of their clothing from scrap fabric, it’s made in Cambodia, and they talk a lot about their manufacturing process and how it is more like a sewing circle where people work together in just a nice supportive environment rather than the feeling of like an assembly line in a hierarchical factory. So, they’re just such a cool company so they have a section of the website called totally open closet, and that is their second hand section so you can get the clothes for a lot cheaper. And again you can buy something that’s not new production, but using something someone else didn’t want. And then if you have totally clothes that you want to turn into trade, you can turn those in and get money for them and you know trade for something else. So I hope you’ll check them out, they are at tone to en le comm or at tonledesign on Instagram.

Brandy Montague 9:15
Okay, number three is a bigger online thrift store, but it’s one that I am really interested in checking out because there are so many options and I also feel like the aesthetic fit me. So they sell, oh sorry it’s called Tradesy. tradesy, you may have heard of this one because it is bigger it’s a So they sell bags shoes sunglasses they even have a wedding department, which I think is super cool. They have a lot of luxury brands but they have a wide range of costs which I think is really cool because they specifically articulate their focus on accessibility and sustainability and their costs, you can find things for less than $100 up to things that are, you know, 1000s of dollars. So I really love the just wide range of products that they have, and the costs. So I hope you’ll check them out. They’re at, or at tradesy on Instagram.

Brandy Montague 10:26
Okay, number two is called Depop, and it’s actually an app that has kind of a social media vibe mixed into it. I don’t know how to describe it that well so I hope you’ll just go check it out for yourself but you set up your own personal style profile. It is good for men and women, the, the app in the shop has clothing and accessories for both. So you use create your style profile and over time, based on what you pick a think it is kind of like a smart logic that brings you more of what you know you feel fits you and you can follow certain like quote unquote influencers on there. You can follow certain shops and you can really kind of create your own style aesthetic and I believe socially connect with people as well. So I’ve only gotten as far as signing up and you know filling out my style profile and kind of getting it started but I’m really interested to see how it works for me, I would love to hear if you try it out too. So the app in the App Store is called a Depop. It’s at and at depop on Instagram.

Brandy Montague 11:48
Okay, my number one thrift store that I am really excited to try and I wanted to share with you because I really love the aesthetic of this shop, it’s eclectic, but chic and they have a really wide variety. It’s called Omnia. Omnia. It is only for women unfortunately but it’s for women, and it also has accessories, and something that I think is really cool about this shop specifically as they have a sale section, and they have a less than $50 section so I feel like that’s just like a cool place to go start, and you know, check out what they have and like I said it’s, it’s eclectic chic. It’s just a cool aesthetic so I hope you’ll check them out too. They’re at and at Omnia_clothing on Instagram.

Brandy Montague 12:46
So, as I said I was just sharing five thrift stores with you today that I am excited about and want to try and I thought maybe you had never heard of before. But there are another 50 thrift stores on the blog post on our website that you can check out and they’re grouped by, kind of like the category of what they sell and then they’re very loosely listed from cheaper options to war expensive options. So, I hope you’ll check them out.

Brandy Montague 13:15
I hope you will let me know if you have any good tricks for me. And, yeah, I hope to see you back next week. Next week I’m going to have on Christin Burford from the CARE Foundation, which is an exotic animal rescue and wildlife Education Center in Central Florida. Christin is amazing. I cannot wait to interview her and to introduce her to you guys, so I’ll see you next week, bye.

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The ultimate list of 50 + online thrift stores to buy second hand or upcycled clothing. Good for the environment and good for your wallet.
The ultimate list of 50 + online thrift stores to buy second hand or upcycled clothing. Good for the environment and good for your wallet.

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